Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Business PrizeStudent Works PrizeTextile PrizePhoto Manipulation Prize
Vehicle PrizeHomeware PrizeMilan PrizeFashion Goods Prize
Annual Awards PrizeAdvanced PrizeLiterature PrizeSurmount Security Prize
Best Aircraft PrizeGood PrizeCreation PrizeJournal Prize
Faculty PrizeArchitectural Design PrizeAccomplished PrizeArchitects Prize
Greatest Design Works PrizeGreatest Talents PrizeProfessional Designer PrizeProfessional Architect Prize
Professional Architects PrizeProfessional Designers PrizeChoice of Security PrizeChampion Prize
Meta PrizeDesignprix PrizeBanking Instruments PrizeFinancial Instruments Prize
Information Processing PrizeConferences PrizeBook PrizeGreen Goods Prize
WorldsBest PrizeDesign for Future PrizeFunctional Furniture PrizeDistrict Prize
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